We make healthy food feel sustainable, achievable and enjoyable.

“Healthy eating seems to have become complicated over time with social media and misinformation – more and more people are feeling confused and overwhelmed of what to eat. But it doesn’t have to be that way – that’s where I come in!” – Tess, Dietitian.

Meet our Dietitian

Tess is our Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist at Nourishing Nutrition Bendigo. 

Her passion is providing realistic, practical and fad-free nutrition advice so that healthy eating may be achievable for everyone, including those who:

  • are time poor,
  • on budgets,
  • do not have strong cooking skills,
  • have tried a range of weight-loss diets in the past,
  • are unsure of what to eat for health, 
  • are unsure what foods are triggering ill-health or symptoms. 


Her favourite meal to cook is a toasted sandwich. 

Tess’ passion for food is also reflected in her hobbies – 

  •  She loves to grow her own food at home, and can often be found pottering around in the garden with her two children. 
  • Her passion for a zero-waste kitchen sees her fermenting and preserving foods, including excess produce from the garden (happy Earth, happy hip pocket and happy gut bacteria!).
  • She also loves the challenge of cooking healthy – and tasty – food on a budget.

All of these hobbies transfer to her work, and her ability to help people with practical tips and suggestions. 



basil, aroma, spices-906137.jpg



I like to help people bring healthy eating and nutrition back to basics, where it feels affordable, practical with balancing other life commitments, and achievable if a person is wanting to make lasting changes,” – Tess, Dietitian 

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